mardi 20 mars 2012

Joanna Mila S.


  Here's a Post dedicated to a friend,
 and a great blooger :  Joanna Mila Sawaryn 

You can always find her on Instagram as: 

She lives in Nice, South of France and used to come from our little town of TOURS, she's 
 a SHOPPING addict :) like me

Voici quelques photos que j'aime beaucoup, 
surtout de ses tenues et ses chaussures !!!! 
Making me jealous haha 


Great Isabel Marant Sneaker Collection :) 
(as well as Chanel&Balenciaga Bags )

3 commentaires:

  1. Sa race, elle en jette.
    Elle est vraiment belle.

  2. trouvé ;) haha! do you know the price of the marant sneakers?

  3. It's around 550 €, hm you can find it anywhere, probably on vestiaire collective..